Emergency brakes type SHD

The SHD range is a monospring failsafe emergency brake; it can be mounted on tower crane, boom cranes, automotive cranes and offshore applications. This makes it ideal to fit and operate in restricted space.

Product Features

  • Emergency brake
  • Fail safe braking
  • Braking by spring application
  • Hydraulic release
  • Linings with wear indicators
  • Opening proving switches
  • Holding tool for maintenance operation
  • Braking Force (dynamic) up to :
    SHD1 11 kN
    SHD5A 60 kN
    SHD9 100 kN
    SHD18 180 kN
  • Options:
    • Opening proving switch (SHD1)
    • Lining wear proving switch
    • Manual release tool DM (SHD5)
    • Automatic lining wear compensation (SHD5)
    • Temperature detection of the linings
    • Marine protection
    • Offshore protection