Radar-based strip centre measurement in high-temperature range – EMG-Vivaldi

The EMG-Vivaldi® sensor is located outside the furnace and conducts its measurements through the gas-tight furnace wall flange. The sensor system, which is mounted externally on the furnace wall, focuses electromagnetic waves through the non-conductive insulation of the furnace and onto the edge of thin metal strip material. As a result, cooling systems are no longer required for the sensors. As the furnace wall is completely enclosed, the strip is not able to damage the sensor itself.

The system is calibrated via simple reference measurements. The EMG-Vivaldi® technology can replace other systems.

Customer benefits:

  • No sensor parts in the furnace
  • External measurement through the furnace wall, which consists of the furnace wall insulation, gas-tight flange and sensor
  • No direct contact between the antenna housing and the interior of the furnace
  • No possible deformation of the antennae
  • No possible damage to the sensor caused by the strip
  • No contamination of the furnace interior or the antenna housing
  • No cleaning of the antennae necessary
  • No need for sensor cooling systems inside the furnace
  • The antennae or sensor electronics can be replaced without stopping the line
  • Low total costs of operation (TCO)
  • Calibration via simple reference measurements
  • Only one type of sensor for all strip material (sensor is independent of the strip width, temperature and material grade)
  • Particularly high quality thermal furnace wall insulation on the sensor

For technical specifications please refer to the product brochure.